A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Can you use your hacking skills to defeat the cyberogres? Maybe, punk. Maybe. Just be careful of the t-rex.

An experimental text RPG; made for the Cyberpunk Jam, March 2014 (#cyberpunkjam)

Twitter: @eegnsma

Note for Linux users: You may need to call "chmod a+x hackandslash" on the executable for it to run.

Note for Windows users: I had a bug with the module that reads the command line, so I turned off the command line history if the bug appears. Let me know if you find this annoying and I'll try to find a more permanent solution.

Note for Mac users: If you find a segfault when entering commands, oops. While I try to figure this out, the Windows version should work in Wine (I hope).

Install instructions

This is an alpha build; please report any bugs, and let me know what you think! It's a proof of concept, so expect very rough edges. Then again, those cyberstreets don't have anything but.


hackandslash.exe 4 MB
hackandslash_mac 5 MB
hackandslash_linux 3 MB
hackandslack_source.zip 25 kB